Vastu shastra (A Science of Architecture)

  • Vastu shastra is a conventional Hindu arrangement of architecture that meaning is “science of architecture”. These writing are found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastra standards incorporate for the plan of Hindu Temples and the standards for the outline and format of houses, towns, urban areas, gardens, streets, water works, shops and other open zones. According to Chakrabarti, Vastu Vidya is as old as the Vedic period. Varahamihira’s Brihad Samhita dated to the 6th century CE, states Meister, is the principal known Indian content that portrays “something like a vastupurusamandala to design urban communities and structures”. The rise of Vastu vidya as a particular field of science is estimated to have happened fundamentally before the first century CE. In past tracing potential links to vastu shashta in Indus Vally Civilization have made. Vastu sastra speaks to an assemblage of antiquated ideas and information to numerous cutting edge planners, a rule yet not an inflexible code. The pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan was ace arranged by Rajput ruler Jai Singh and worked by 1727 CE, partially around Vastu Shilpa Sastra standards.
  • One such Vastu Shastra is by Thakkura Pheru, depicting where and how sanctuaries ought to be manufactured. By sixth century AD, Sanskrit manuals for developing palatial sanctuaries were available for use in India. Vastu-Shastra manuals included parts on home development, town arranging, and how productive towns, towns and kingdoms incorporated sanctuaries, water bodies and gardens inside them to accomplish amicability with nature. While it is hazy, states Barnett, in the matter of whether these sanctuary and town arranging writings were hypothetical investigations and if or when they were legitimately actualized by and by, the manuals recommend that town arranging and Hindu sanctuaries were considered as beliefs of workmanship and fundamental piece of Hindu social and otherworldly life.
  • The utilization of Vastu shastra and Vastu experts in present day home and open undertakings is dubious. A few engineers, especially amid India’s provincial period, thought of it as arcane and superstitious. Different engineers express that commentators have not perused the writings and that the greater part of the content is about adaptable outline rules for space, daylight, stream and capacity.

An Encyclopedia of Hindu Architecture

  • There are number of Agamas, Puranas and Hindu sacred writings incorporate sections on architecture of temples, homes, towns, villages, strongholds, streets, shop design, Public wall, bathing, hall, gardens, river fronts among other things.Hindu design advanced throughout the hundreds of years from straightforward shake slice give in places of worship to huge and elaborate sanctuaries which spread over the Indian sub-mainland and past, framing an authoritative style which is still clung to today in current Hindu sanctuaries over the globe. Fundamental components of the style are exact and agreeable geometry when seen from each of the four sides or more, the square frame and framework ground designs, taking off towers, and expound enrich form which incorporates divine beings, admirers, sensual scenes, creatures, and botanical and geometric examples.From the first century CE another sort of love known as Bhakti or reverential Hinduism spread over the Indian sub-mainland, and the old Vedic divine beings were supplanted in significance by gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Brahma, and Devi. These divine beings would turn into the focal figures of Hinduism and their love required sanctuaries where the committed could offer their thanks and uncover their expectations for a superior life. at times, the compositions are incompletely lost, some are accessible just in Tibetan, Nepalese or South Indian dialects, while in others unique Sanskrit original copies are accessible in various parts of India. A few treatises, or books with sections on Vaastu Shastra include:
  1. Manasara
  2. Brihat samhita
  3. Mayamata
  4. Anka shastra
  5. Aparajita Vastu Shastra
  6. Maha-agamas (28 books, each with 12 to 75 chapters)
  7. Ayadi Lakshana
  8. Aramadi Pratishtha Paddhati (includes garden design)
  9. Kasyapiya
  10. Kupadi Jala Sthana Lakshana
  11. Kshetra Nirmana Vidhi (preparation of land and foundation of buildings including temples)
  12. Gargya samhita (pillars, doors, windows, wall design and architecture)
  13. Griha Pithika (types of houses and their construction)
  14. Ghattotsarga Suchanika (riverfront and steps architecture)
  15. Chakra shastra
  16. Jnana ratna kosha
  17. Vastu sarani (measurement, ratio and design layouts of objects, particularly buildings)
  18. Devalaya Lakshana (treatise on construction of temples)
  19. Dhruvadi shodasa gehani (guidelines for arrangement of buildings with respect to each other for harmony)
  20. Nava shastra (36 books, most lost)
  21. Agni Purana (Chapters 42 through 55, and 106 – Nagaradi Vastu)
  22. Matsya Purana (Chapters 252 through 270)
  23. Maya samgraha
  24. Prasada kirtana
  25. Prasada Lakshana
  26. Tachchu sastra (primarily home design for families)
  27. Manushyalaya Lakshana (primarily human dwelings)
  28. Manushyalaya Chandrika
  29. Mantra dipika
  30. Mana kathana (measurement principles)
  31. Manava vastu lakshana
  32. Manasollasa (chapters on house layout, mostly ancient cooking recipes)
  33. Raja griha nirmana (architecture and construction principles for royal palaces)
  34. Rupa mandana
  35. Vastu chakra
  36. Vastu tattva
  37. Vastu nirnaya
  38. Vastu purusha lakshana
  39. Vastu prakasa
  40. Vastu pradipa
  41. Vastu manjari
  42. Vastu mandana
  43. Vastu lakshana
  44. Vastu vichara
  45. Vastu vidya
  46. Vastu vidhi
  47. Vastu samgraha
  48. Vastu sarvasva
  49. Vimana lakshana (tower design)
  50. Visvakarma prakasa (home, roads, water tanks and public works architecture)
  51. Vaikhanasa
  52. Sastra jaladhi ratna
  53. Sipla prakasa
  54. Silpakala Dipika
  55. Silpartha shastra

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