• Smriti actually meaning is Remember or remembering are a group of Hindu messages as a rule credited to a writer, customarily recorded yet always updated, rather than the Vedic writing thought about authorless, that were transmitted verbally over the ages and settled.
  • Each Smriti content exists in numerous adaptations, with a wide range of readings. Smritis were viewed as liquid and uninhibitedly reworked by anybody in antiquated and medieval Hindu convention.
  • Smriti is likewise a representative equivalent word for number 18, from the 18 researchers who are credited in Indian convention for composing dharma-related smriti writings (most have been lost). In semantic conventions, Smrti is the name of a kind of verse meter. In Hindu folklore, Smriti is the name of the little girl of Dharma and Medha.

The Smritis such as Manu smriti, Narada smriti, Yajnavalkya Smriti and Parashara Smriti in total.

The Smriti


  • The title Manusmriti is a relatively modern term and a late innovation, probably coined because the text is in a verse form. The over fifty manuscripts discovered of the text, never use this title, but state the title as Manava Dharmasastra in their colophons at the end of each chapter. In modern scholarship, these two titles refer to the same text. Manusmriti contains law of all the social classes.

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  • NaradaSmriti is a piece of the Dharmashastras, an Indian abstract convention that fills in as an accumulation of legitimate adages identifying with the subject of dharma. This is absolutely juridical in character in that it centers exclusively around procedural and substantive law.
  • There are three version of NaradaSmriti. That is also called as Naradiya dharmashastra.
    NaradaSmriti depends on the eighteen titles of law, which are likewise said in the Manusmriti yet with some variety in names. The content starts with a concise presentation into law and the courts previously digging into these 18 titles, dedicating a section to each. Naradiya DharmaShastra consisting of 879 verses in its old version.

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  • The YajnavalkyaSmriti was created after the Manusmriti, however like it and Naradasmriti, the content was made in shloka (beautiful meter) style. The lawful speculations inside the Yajnavalkya Smriti are displayed in three books, in particular achara-kanda (traditions), vyavahara-kanda (legal process) and prayascitta-kanda (wrongdoing and discipline, repentance.
  • The content is in traditional Sanskrit, and is sorted out in three books. These are achara-kanda (368 verses), vyavahara-kanda (307 verses) and prayascitta-kanda (335 verses). The Yajnavalkya Smṛti comprises of a total aggregate of 1010 shlokas (verses), and its introduction is orderly, clear and compact rather than the beautiful “artistic magnificence” found in Manusmriti. This text is made in 2nd-5th century of common era in Gupta Period.

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  • Parashara is maharishi and writer of some hindu indian ancient texts.
  • Parashar Smriti is the lawbook for Kaliyuga. In Parashar Smriti we discover an editorial shockingly relatable to the issues of our day and age .
  • The Parashar Smriti starts as a discussion amongst Vyas and different sages in regards to the laws pertinent to the evolving times. It is trusted that the period changed when Krishna left the earth, thirty-six years after the Great War of Mahabharat. Vyas, himself envious of knowing how the adjustment in age would influence the principles and directions, thusly, takes them to the Ashram of his dad (Parashar), situated in the mountains around Badrinath.
    Beginning the discussion, the scholarly sage tells his dad that he has officially heard the Laws of Manu, Vasishth, Kashyap, Garg, Gautam, Ushanas, Atri, Samvarta, Daksh, Angiras, Shatatapa, Harit, Yajnavalkya, Katyayan, Prachetas, Apastambh and the laws of Shankh and Likhit. The smriti are connected indirectly with Rigveda.

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