• The Puranas are old Hindu writings lauding different gods, principally the celestial Trimurti God in Hinduism through perfect stories. Puranas may likewise be depicted as a classification of essential Hindu religious messages nearby some Jain and Buddhist religious writings, quite comprising of accounts of the historical backdrop of the universe from creation to devastation, lineages of rulers, legends, sages, and demigods, and portrayals of Hindu cosmology, rationality, and geology. The Puranas are regularly characterized by the Trimurti (Trinity or the three parts of the celestial). The Padma Purana groups them as per the three gunas or characteristics as Sattva (Truth and Purity), Rajas (Dimness and Passion) and Tamas (Darkness and Ignorance), a clear means by which to rate the writings in view of partisan legitimacy.

Agni Purana

  • Agni Purana is eighteen major puranas of Hinduism. That is related to Vaishnavism, Shaktism, Shaivism and Smartism. That having many version of this text. Each publications are divided into 382 Chapters and containing 12000 to 15000 Verses. All the chapters are made in different centuries that started in 7 century. Agni purana is described by God Agni. That us originally created in Sanskrit language. Each chapters containing summary, geography, medicine, incarnation, politics, planning, agriculture, weapons, cow, yoga, metrics and much more.

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Bhagavat Purana

  • Bhagavat Purana is one of eighteen great puranas that composed in Indian language and Sanskrit language. It is promoting devotion to Lord Krishna. That includs Mythology, Legend, Cosmology, Genealogy, Music, Dance, culture and Yoga. That is starting with the war between devas and asuras. This purana is probably composition between eighth and tenth century CE and started I early as 6th century CE. That is originally made in Sanskrit language and having twelve books consist 332 chapters and 16000-18000 verses. Its tenth book is most populated book in world that translated into much language.

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Bhavishya Purana

  • Bhavishya Purana is one of major purana of eighteen of Hinduism that written in Sanskrit. In in name Bhavishya means future that is regarding the future. There are total 5 major version of Bhavishya Purana. Four have parts and sir two parts and other don’t have any parts. The available brain based on printed text published during British colonial era. This purana is includes 585 chapter. First part called as Brahmaparvan contains 215 chapters. Second part is called Madhyamaparvan contains 62 chapters and third one is Pratisargaparvan include section on Christian, Islam, Sikh, British rules of 19th century contains four seconds with 7, 35, 32, 26 chapters.and Uttaraparvan has 208 chapters

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Brahma Purana

  • Brahma Puraba is listed as first maha purana in all anthologies so that called Adi Purana. This is related to hindu god Brahma. Who is compilation of geographical Mahatma. This purana text is written between 13th-16th century BCE. That consist 245 chapters With mainly divided in two part named PurvaBhaga and UttaraBhaga. That having text such as Mahabharata and purana. Totally geographically 60% places described in it like modern odisha, Chambal river, Jagannatha, Konark Temple etc. Totally 10000 Verses in Brahma Purana that us depended on different version. Its original summary published in 1989

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Brahmanda Purana

  • It is also a major purana from total 18. Originally this purana is written in Sanskrit language. The totally text is on cosmology theories of Hinduism named cosmic egg. It is oldest puranas that is written on 4th century CE. Totally Brahmanda Purana having over 65 chapters and 4500 Verses attemps Bhakti of God Rama and Shakti of Advaita Vedanta. Brahmanda Purana is published in three major parts. The first part having two subdivision and each had one pada. First has 38 chapters second having 74 and last one has 44 chapters the traditional Brahma Purana had 12000 Verses but in New contains 14286 Verses with encyclopedic text.

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Garuda Purana

  • Garuda Purana is a part of Vaishnavism literature that is one of major purana of total purana. That originally written in Sanskrit text and primarily centering around hindi God Vishnu. The first version of this has been composed in 1st millennium CE. that contains 8000 to 19000 Verses and all chapters are ecologically dealing with diverse collection. Whole Garuda Purana contains text about cosmology, Mythology, God remain, evil and much more like the theory of “heaven and hell” with the”Karma and Rebirth”. The chapters is like Practice yoga named Samkhya Yoga in Bhagvad Geeta. In traditional Garuda Purana has 19000 shlokas and in modern era that is only 8000 shlokas. Purva Khabda contains 229 chapters.

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Kurma Purana

  • It is named after tortoise avatar of Bhagvana Vishnu. In modern era there are many versions. In the critical edition Kurma Purana has 95 Chapters and 17000 Verses. That also composed in 8th century CE. It actually contains combination of Vishnu and Shiva related legend mythology, Tirtha and theology. The story is similar as other purana but not dominate any text of Vishnu and Shiva.

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Linga Purana

  • The text title Linga is belonged to the iconography for Lord Shiva. The original author and date is not known but it’s text made between 5th-10th century CE and structured with two different parts with totally 163 chapters. Each parts is discussed topic about Cosmology, Astronomy, Geology, Tirtha, Yoga and Yoga.

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Markandeya Purana

  • Markendeya Purana is refers Markandeya to a sage in Hindi mythology. Markandeya is a legend linked to Shiva and Vishnu. The idea of this purana is ideas in favor of any particular god. That is one of oldest purana in hindu literature. That have 137 chapters and 9000 verse. First version is composed in bank of Narmada river in Western India.

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Matsya Purana

  • This is also written in Sanskrit language thats text named after avtar of Lord Vishnu as half-human and half-fish. The version of Matsya Purana has two section with 172 chapters and other version of this script have 291 chapters. In traditional Matsya Purana had 20,000 verses. Scholar consider Satva-Rajas-Tamas as entirely fanciful and nothing any text that justified classification. That’s content is full of temple design, tourist guides, Yoga and worship.

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Narada Purana

  • This is also a major Purana of Hinduism 18 Purana. That also known as Naradiya Purana. That”s having two Sanskrit text of it. One is major and minor is second one. This purana is notable for eighteen chapters in other puranas. Naradiya Purana has 3000-3500 verses in major Purana. Its text composition in 16th or 17th century. Thats content like Brihannaradiya Purana that is focused on Bhakti of Vishnu and Narada Purana follow the style if Brihannarafiya Purana in first 14 chapters in Purvanbhaga. Its section is subjects such as six Vedangas, Moksha, Dharma, Adhyatma, Pashupata philosophy, worship of Ganesha, avatars of Vishnu, Lakshamana, Hanuman, Goddesses such as devi and Shiva. It also contain Rukmangadacharita that is tested by Mohini a female avatar of Vishnu. After it geographically travel guide for pilgrimage along river Gangas starting with haridwar, through Kashi.

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Padma Purana

  • It is one of biggest purana with voluminous text have 55000 Verses. Each composition is written by different suitor by different era. It is story of Rama and Sita different than Valmiki Ramayan. The first written date in unknown but it may be written in between 4th and 15th century CE. Its text contents Bengal and western India. That consist total fine khandas as Shrishti, Bhumi, Svarga, Patala, Uttara. Its 18 chapters of text is description of lake Pushkar, Rajasthan as Brahma pilgrimage site.

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Shiva Purana

  • It is purana centrally Viber sound Hindu god Shiva and goes Parvati. Its have 100000 Verses. That is the largest Purana of world. That also known as Shiv Maha Purana. Its all verses are divided in set of 12 samhita(Books). Its oldest chapters is composed in 10th to 11th century CE. Its different version having with different chapters and verses.

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Skanda Purana

  • Skanda Purana is the largest purana from hindu religious text. That contains over 81000 Verses and that is named after son of Shiva and Parvati who known as Kartikey and Murugan. The first version titled in 6th century CE. This purana is related to Mahabharata and its composed from Mahabharata. Its present version is made in post Gupta period .Its seven khandas divided into section and each consists sub sections. Seven section is named Maheshvara, Vishnu, Brahma, Kasi, Avantya, Nagara and Prabhasa Khanda. Its have six Samhitas and more other texts. It is manipulated in Nepal and other parts of India.

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Brahma Vaivarta Purana

  • This is also a big purana written in Sanskrit from 18 purana. Its on krishna and Radha in Vaishbavism text. Its text has four Khandas named Brahma, Prakriti, Ganesha and Krishna. All is about on name of khanda. The traditional version had 18000 Verses and 274 to 276 chapters. It is focused on vishnu and in particular krishna as like Bhagavata Purana. The Brahmavaivarta has not slightest title to be regarded as Purana.

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Vaman Purana

  • Vaman Purana is text named after Vaman avtar of Vishnu which is dwarf avatar. Its first round has 95 chapters second has 69 chapters. Its first version is made between 450CE -900CE. First printed edition had 96 chapters. That’s supplement were not found in some version of discovered in Bengal.

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Varah Purana

  • It it belonged to Vaushnavism literature corpus praising Narayan, but included chapters is praising and related on Shiva and Shakti. This text is like as Linga Purana. This includes Varaha Avatar of Vishnu reaching Prithvi at tune of great flood. The first time the text is completed between 10 to 12 century. Printed edition is has 217 chapters and approximately 24000 Verses. Padma Purana is categorized as satva Purana.

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Vishnu Purana

  • This is having Panchratna text in Vaishnav literature. Vishnu Purana is shorter purana text with 7000 Verses in extant version. It is made by suitor Ved Vyasa. Thus extant divided in 6 posts and 126 chapters. In original traditional version of Vishnu Purana had 23000 Verses. Its contents with cosmology, earth, time, dynasties, krishna, liberation.

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