Story of King Vikramaditya

Who is Vikramaditya ?

  • Vikramaditya was an unbelievable head of antiquated India. Regularly described as a perfect lord, he is known for his liberality, bravery, and support of researchers. He is highlighted in many customary Indian legends, incorporating those in Baital Pachisi and Singhasan Battisi. Numerous portray him as an all inclusive ruler, with his capital at Ujjain. He also named as Vikrama, Bikramjit and Vikramarka.
  • Vikrama was conceived in 105 BCE in ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. his fathers name was Gandharvsena and mother name was Vikramasena.
  • As per prominent custom, King Vikrama started the Vikrama Samvat period in 57 BCE subsequent to crushing the Shakas, and the individuals who trust that he depends on a chronicled figure put him around the main century BCE. Be that as it may, this period is recognized as “Vikrama Samvat” after the ninth century CE. Different researchers trust that Vikramaditya is a legendary character, since a few legends about him are incredible in nature. whoes name meaning is “the sun of valor”. He had passed in the year of 15 CE. in Gujarati month named according to his strength, generiosity and Scholar. for his respect that all month and year known as Vikram Samvant. According to 12th-century Rajatarangini mentions that Harsha Vikrama of Ujjayini defeated the Shakas.

About Story :-

  • In the big stories – their stories are stored in great stories. This is a composition written between the tenth and the twelfth century. It has the antagonism between the first great saga Vikramaditya and the king of rituals. It has been given Pataliputra in place of King Vikramaditya’s capital Ujjain.
  • According to one legend, King Vikramaditya was a very wise king. By their intellect and other intellectual powers, the King of Heaven, Indra, called them Paradise. He took the opinion of King Vikramaditya in one of his justice systems. The King of heaven, Indra sent him into a gathering in heaven, there was a dance competition between two nymphs. These two dorpas were Rambha and Urvashi. Lord Indra asked King Vikramaditya, which apsara good dancer she seems to be. The king got a quick idea, he gave a bunch of flowers in the hands of both the Apsaras and kept one scorpion on it. The king told both the dancers that during the dance, these flower clusters should be standing alone. As soon as Rambha began to dance, he was bitten by scorpion. Rambha stopped throwing a bunch of flowers by hand and stopped dancing. On the other hand when Urvashi began to dance, she danced very well in very beautiful currencies. There was no problem in the scorpion kept on the flower, which slept very comfortably and Urvashi did not have to endure a scorpion sting. Raja Vikramaditya said that Urvashi is a very good dancer and very good dancer from Rambha. Seeing this wisdom and discrimination of justice, Lord Indra was very pleased and amazed by them. He presented 32 different statues to King Vikramaditya. These murtiyas were cursed and their curse could only be cut by the justice of a Chakravarti king. These 32 statues had their names.


Vikram Aur Betaal / Betaal Pacchisi

  • Vikram Aur Betaal depends on Betaal Pacchisi, composed almost 2,500 years back by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are enchanting stories advised to the insightful King Vikramaditya by the wily apparition Betaal. Baital Pachisi is a story about Baital. A sadhu asks King Vikramaditya to bring that Baital out of the tree without saying any word. The king goes in search of that villain and finds him. Every time a narrator tells a story and asks a fair question from that story, as well as curse Vikrama that if he does not tell the answer, his head will be torn. Raja Vikramaditya does not want to answer his question. By not saying a word by the monk, Vikrama breaks the promise of breaking a Vikram, and goes back to the same tree. In this way twenty-five stories exist through this medium.
  • The name Betaal Pacchisi proposes the Betaal recounted the ruler 25 stories, each described while at the same time Vikramaditya is conveying Betaal to the panhandler, where of each finished with a good.

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Singhasan Battisi

  • Singhasan Battisi is an accumulation of Indian society stories. In the edge story, the eleventh century ruler Bhoja finds the royal position of the incredible antiquated lord Vikramaditya. The position of royalty has 32 statues, who are really apsaras that had been transformed into stone because of a revile. This is initially composed in Sanskrit Language with named Simhasana Dvatrimsika.
  • Similarly, the throne is the story of winning the kingdom of King Vikramaditya in Battis. Once, King Vikramaditya lost his kingdom. Their thirty-two statues are still in their state. These idols ask different questions from King Bhoj and ask questions and the King prevents Bhoj from sitting on the throne. The King answers the questions that come out of thirty-two stories and eventually succeeds in winning the throne.

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