UpVeda Shastra

The Up-Vedas are the writings on the auxillary topics of the Vedas. The term upavedashastra is utilized as a part of customary writing to assign the subjects of certain specialized works. Arrangements of what subjects are incorporated into this class contrast among sources. The four Upavedas. The Upveda of RigVeda, YajurVeda, SamaVeda and AtharvaVeda are Economics, Military Science, Music and Dance and Medical Sceinces individually. There are 5 Upveda Shastra that can be followed in some significant frame, they are as per the following :-


  • Ayurveda (Sciences identifying with LIFE and MEDICINE) is identified with the mystery of life and the art of long life. The originator of Ayurveda should be Lord Dhanwantari. Aside from him, other conspicuous names are Aitareya, Kashyapa, Harit, Agnivesha, and Bhedamuni. At present, three vital books of Ayurveda are: Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Vaagbhatta Samhita. These three books are by and large called Brihat-trayi. Patanjali has additionally composed content on Ayurveda. In short this is associated with medicine and either the Rigveda or the Atharvaveda.

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  • Dhanurveda gets from the words for bow (dhanushya) and information (veda), the “study of bows and arrows” in Puranic writing, later connected to hand to hand fighting all in all. This Upveda clarifies Spiritual sciences like PURUSHARTHA, DUTIES, DEEDS, and so forth and furthermore Material sciences like CIVIL and MILITARY barrier, war and governmental issues. The Ramayana and Mahabharata a decent arrangement of light is tossed upon this science and workmanship, especially in the portrayals of fights. The most old books of Dhanurveda are not accessible, but rather a portion of the known books are Dhanurvidhi, Drauna Vidya, Kodanda Mandana and Dhanurveda Samhita. yuddha-vidya alludes to the aptitudes utilized on the war zone, enveloping real battling as well as fight developments and methodology. Hand to hand fighting are normally learnt and honed in the customary akharas. In short thia is associated with artilary and with the Atharvaveda.

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  • GandharvaVeda is old established music of India utilized as a part of Ayurveda, the segments of which tunes and rhythms are accepted to amend irregular characteristics in doshas. Tuning in to a specific raga at the opportune time achieves congruity between the body and nature while the same raga may have a hostile impact at some other time. Gandharvaveda is the exploration of music, got from the SamaVeda, and we have just managed this subject quickly, while managing the Vedaanga of Chhandas. Aside from Devotional Music it likewise manages a few subjects of Spiritual Sciences. In this Ved associated with music and sacered dance with the Samaveda.

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  • Sthapatya Ved or Shilpa Shastra truly implies the Science of Shilpa (expressions and artworks). It is an old umbrella term for various Hindu messages that depict expressions, makes, and their outline guidelines, standards and models. With regards to sanctuary outline, Shilpa Shastras were manuals for model and Hindu iconography, recommending in addition to other things, the extents of a designed figure, creation, standards, which means, and guidelines of Architecture Engineering. It manages engineering and different expressions. As indicated by Shukra niti there are various expressions however 64 are thought to be more unmistakable.
  • There are 64 Techniques to show such arts about external art. shilpa shastra is used in carpentry, painting, metallurgy, architecture, jewellery, farriery, acting, dancing, music, medicine, poetry and etc. In this upvedshastra is associated with architecture knowledge and combined with Samaveda.

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  • Artha Veda is the Upaveda of the Atharva-Veda, which manages social, monetary, and political frameworks. In the early medieveal times Artha Shashtra was likewise wrote by Chanakya. There are no such detail about arthaveda anywhere.

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