Siya ke Ram (2015)

Siya Ke Ram is an Indian epic TV arrangement on Star Plus delivered by Nikhil Sinha under the standard of Triangle Film Company . This show exhibits the epic Ramayana, the narrative of Rama and Devi Sita through Sita’s point of view. The show highlights Ashish Sharma and Madirakshi Mundle playing as Lord Rama and Lady Sita separately. It broadcast each night at 8:00 PM on Star Plus.

Mahabharat – Starplus (2013)

Mahabharata has been a fundamental piece of Indian culture and progress. This one of a kind sacred writing contains in excess of one lakh shlokas thus it is considered as a part of the best legends of the World. The epic was initially composed in Sanskrit by Maharishi Ved Vyasa around 5,000 years prior.

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Full Hindi status for Sharing

“उम्र” बिना रुके सफर कर रही है ।
और हम “ख़्वाहिशें” लेकर वहीं खड़े हैं ॥
सभी को “साथ” रखो, लेकिन – साथ में कभी “स्वार्थ” मत रखो ।
गलत सोच और गलत अंदाजा इंसान को हर रिश्ते से गुमराह कर देता हे ॥