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  • Kalidasa was a Classical Sanskrit author, generally viewed as the best writer and screenwriter in the Sanskrit dialect of India. His plays and verse are principally in light of the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Puranas. Much about his life is obscure, just what can be construed from his verse and plays. His works can’t be dated with exactness, however they were undoubtedly wrote inside the fourth fifth century CE.
  • Kalidasa was a great indian poet. who was born in 4-5th century CE. Scholars have read all of his book to know where he was born but not perfectly found place. about to scholars kalidasa may lived near Himalayas as per KumarSambhava, Ujjain as per MeghDuta and Kalinga as per RaghuVansh. Kalidasa alias Matrigupta as per AbhijyanShankultalam, MalaVikagniMitram and VikarmoVarshiyam, alias Medharudra as per Kumarsambhava, MeghaDuta and RaghuVansh, alias Kotijit as per RituSamhara, Shyamalandakam and SngaraTilaka.
  • Kalidasa wrote three main books named Abhijyan Shankultalam, MalaVikagniMitram, Vikarmovarshiyam. He is an author of two Epic poems named Raghuvansh and KumaraSambhava. He also wrote two KhandaKavya named RituSamhara and MeghaDuta.


  • It is story of Agnimitra. who fall in love with picture exiled girl name Malavika for the delightful lun-lady of his central ruler. He begins to look all starry eyed at the photo of a banished hireling young lady named Malavika. He should fall back on the assistance of his jokester and play a session of subterfuge just to take a gander at the new young lady. At the point when the ruler finds her better half’s enthusiasm for this young lady, she winds up maddened and has Malavika detained, however as destiny would have it, at last she is found to be of regal birth and is acknowledged as one of his rulers.

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  • It is story of Dushyanta. who meets Shankuntala whike Hunting trip into forest.
  • Shakuntala is the little girl of the radiant fairy Menaka and the asceticVishwamitra. The loner Kanva brings her up in the woods. One fine day she meets the nice looking lord Dushyanta. The couple begins to look all starry eyed and weds. In any case, game changing episodes influence the ruler to overlook his darling spouse. When the revile, which caused the wretchedness, is restricted, the ruler again recalls his beyond a reasonable doubt adored and begins hunting down Shakuntala.

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  • It is the story of king Pururavas and Urvashi who fall in love with. she has return from heaven because of his immortal. Vikramorvashiyam is the second of the three plays composed by Kalidasa, the first being Malavikagnimitram and the third being the observed Abhijnanashakuntalam. As per one hypothesis, Vikrama in the title suggests Kalidasa’s supporter ruler Vikramaditya be that as it may, there is no proof for this.

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  • It is a poem about king of Raghu dynasty.
  • RaghuVansa is a Sanskrit mahakavya by the most observed Sanskrit writer Kalidasa. In spite of the fact that a correct date of piece is obscure, the artist is dared to have prospered in the fifth century CE. It describes, in 19 sargas, the stories identified with the Raghu tradition, in particular the group of Dilipa and his relatives up to Agnivarna, who incorporate Raghu, Dasharatha and Rama. The most punctual surviving analysis composed on the work is that of the tenth century Kashmiri researcher Vallabhadeva. The most well known and broadly accessible editorial, be that as it may, is the Sanjivani, composed by Mallinatha in twelfth century.

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  • It describes the birth of the goddess Parvati and marriage with Lord Shiva.
  • Kumarasambhavam is an epic lyric by Kalidasa. The Kumarasambhavam is generally viewed as one of Kalidasa’s best works, a paradigmatic case of kavya verse. The style of depiction of spring set the standard for nature representations infesting numerous time of Indian artistic convention. Kumarasambhava fundamentally discusses the introduction of Kumara, the child of Shiva and Parvati. The time of arrangement is unverifiable, in spite of the fact that Kalidasa is thought to have lived in the fifth century.

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  • It describes six seasons by narrating experiances of two lovers in each seasons.
  • Ritusamhara is a long ballad or scaled down epic in Sanskrit by Kalidasa. The lyric has six cantos for the six Indian seasons – grishma, varsa, sharad hemanta, shishira, and vasanta. It is by and large thought to be Kaldiasa’s most punctual work.

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  • It is story of yaksha trying to send message to his lover by cloud. It is also translation is A Cloud Messenger.
  • A poem is of 111 stanzas, it is one of Kalidasa’s most acclaimed works. The work is separated into two sections, Purva-megha and Uttara-megha. It describes how a yaksha, a subject of King Kubera, subsequent to being ousted for multi year to Central India for ignoring his obligations, persuades a passing cloud to take a message to his better half at Alaka on Mount Kailasa in the Himalaya mountains.

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More Books Related to Mahakavi Kalidasa.

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